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International PR Report

“The PR industry is in danger of over-stating
the importance of digital.”

Success lies in the story, not the delivery!

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Different time zones, languages, cultures, demographics, geographies and media landscapes can make it all seem very daunting. It needn’t be.
The place to begin is with a few important questions:
  • How can I make my stories more engaging across borders?
  • What are my key markets for PR – where do I want to invest resources to grow my share of voice?
  • What does the media landscape look like and how do I adapt my communications to reflect this?
  • What are the channels – print, TV, social – that will connect me to the people who matter to me and how do I reach them?
  • Do I understand how the press landscape is changing?
  • Do I need local expert help?
This paper aims to guide you through some of these questions.
Drawing on the latest research, it looks at some of the top global trends in print news, broadcast, magazine and social media. It gives examples of how they are impacting individual markets, and considers what they mean for PR.
The high level overview is complemented by individual country snapshots.

Download our International PR report